How to Relieve Pain in Arthritis

Finding a Way to Relieve the Constant Pain of Arthritis is What Many People Are Trying To Find

How to relieve pain in arthritis?

Choosing the best option…

There are many different types of arthritis,but osteoarthritis is the most common.

Osteoarthritis can affect the whole body, but is mainly found in the spine, hand, hip, knee and sometimes the feet.

OsteoArthritis often causes damage inside joints.  This damage occurs because cartilage and new bone growth are affected.  This causes permanent damage which impedes normal movement resulting in pain and stiffness.  This in turn affects mobility and other activities related to daily living.

Without therapeutic  treatment the body alone can not repair the damage of osteoarthritis.  Even attempts by the body are slow because of the severe damage done to the joints.  Pain is the great limiter.

Some of the Limitations & drawbacks of using prescription medicines in arthritis

Often pain relievers that are prescribed by your physician such as indomethacin (Indocin®), dicolfenac (Voltaren®), and ibuprofen (Motrin®). treat or mask symptoms.  Seldom do they encourage healing.

Something else to consider, these are strong drugs or  pain medications and provide relief, but they do no come without risks which include intestinal track bleeding or even a heart attack.  What else to think about, there does not seem to be any help for the body to heal the condition…just mask the pain.

OTC medicines used to treat  arthritis also have limitations and drawbacks

Colon and Stomach bleeding is associated with over the counter drugs such as NSAID pills like aspirin, naproxen (Aleve®), or ibuprofen (Motrin®, Advil®).

No definite time limit has been determined as to  how long you can use these over the counter remedies before experiencing bleeding.

To lessen your risk, it is suggested to take the lowest dose for the shortest time period possible.

Even with taking the lowest dose,  you still run the risk of stomach bleeding. Unfortunately, low doses often don’t work, and you are back to square one.

Although Acetaminophen (Tylenol®) is shown to be effective in reducing mild pain, it does not seem to  reduce or prevent swelling and inflammation. There is also an increased risk when taking this drug  if you have had liver or kidney problems, heart attack, high blood pressure or stomach bleeding.

Natural supplements – A long-term, safe solution for pain

With so  many side effects that result from the use of allopathic drugs, more and more osteoarthritis suffers are looking for  natural therapies.

Natural therapies are usually a safe alternative that has proved to be effective without resulting in side effects. The herbal supplements and spices that have been successfully used treats the Osteoarthritis by:

  • Working to ensure permanent relief of the major symptoms which are : swelling, stiffening and pain

  • Helping to boost the bodies immune system in a natural way which enables you to protect your bones and joints against arthritis

The herbal supplement and herbal spices target the primary cause of your condition without adding the risk of side effects even when taken long-term.

The herbal supplement is safe and affordable and allows you to manage your arthritis.

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